Sunday, August 31, 2014

::. Another Kids Academy ~ Kids App Review .::

I was asked to download and review a few of the education apps made by Kids Academy over at Sverve.  I was honored and excited to have the opportunity again.

The first app I reviewed was 123 Tracing

This app is probably one of my favorites. Your child gets to trace letters to learn them, as well as collect fireflies along the path and then the fireflies are deposited into their jar. The jar then fills up as they progress through the alphabet, which is a perfect way to keep kids motivated not to give up and to keep trying if they have trouble with a letter. It also has the option of creating multiple profiles if you have more than one child using the app. You can even track your child's progress along the way to see just how well they are doing. I like this option because you can let them play independently and then check how they did later.

The next free app I downloaded was Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Kids Games.

This app uses an award system, which is really cool. As your child performs tasks correctly, they are rewarded through a star system. I love that positive reinforcement is used in a fun way to encourage learning. The app has two levels of difficulty and features dotted line letter tracing and writing letters independently. The instructor speaks in a soft, clear voice and teaches little ones how each letter should sound when used in a word. I really like the fact that this app works to develop good handwriting skills by teaching children to write in uppercase and lowercase letters.

The final app that I downloaded was Learn To Read & Write Kid Puzzles.

This app combines a variety of different games to teach children to rhyme, do mazes and learn uppercase letters. In the maze section of this app, my son walked a dog to the end of the maze where there was a prize for the dog. He loved playing with the dog and making him run into the sides of the maze. In the rhyming game of this app, my son had to walk the dog to the object that rhymed with an object that the dog was thinking. The last section of this game taught my son to write his uppercase letters by tracing. 

I really enjoyed trying out these apps.  Kid's Academy has impressed me once again!

 ** This post was sponsored by Kids Academy via Sverve. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

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