Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sponsored Review - Sverve - PowerMyLearning

*Disclaimer - This is a sponsored review and post, which means I  am receiving compensation in the form of payment for my time writing this post for & Sverve . However, the opinions expressed here are mine and not those of any advertiser, company, affiliate or group.

The 2 1/2 to 3 months between the end of one school year and the beginning of the next is known as summer break.  During this time, many children lose educational ground because their minds are sitting idle for almost 3 months.  This idle time is known as "summer slide."  One way to prevent this "summer slide" is to engage your child's mind with fun, educational games. is a free website with everything your K-2nd grader needs to get ahead for the upcoming school year! The site provides educational online games that incorporate things your child already loves such as trains, animals and even fashion.

I have an upcoming Kindergartner, as well as an upcoming 2nd grader.  So, both of my children engaged in the math games that PowerMyLearning provides.  My Kindergartner (who won't be 5 until the end of August) had a really hard time with the 3-D shapes & subtraction, but did really well with the 2-D shapes, comparing numbers, addition, colors and determining shapes.  We didn't get to the measuring & comparing of objects, place values or number names & sequence.

My 2nd grader (who just turned 7 at the end of July) really enjoyed Number Line Fun, Telling Time, Adding Tens & Hundreds and Odd or Even.  She had a harder time with Mental Addition, Measurement is Everywhere & Solving Word Problems.  We didn't get to the Having Fun With Data section.

I really think that this website is very helpful in keeping my kids from forgetting some of the things that they learned in school during the school year.  I also think it helped my Kindergartner learn some things he didn't know yet, so he'll have an easier time when he starts Kindergartner at the end of the month.  My 2nd grader got a refresher course in some of the things she learned in 1st grade, which I really think will help as she heads into the new school year.

I definitely recommend this site for any parent with K-2nd graders, as well as kids all the way up to high school.  They have appropriate lessons for each grade level that truly make learning fun. Worrying about your child forgetting some of what they've learned or slipping out of practice during the summer months will now be a thing of the past.
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