Saturday, January 7, 2012

365 Days of Thankful ~ Day #32

Day #32
Today I am thankful for the FREE gym across the street from our house ..
One of my New Year's resolutions this year was to lose a few pounds & work out 2-3 times a week for my general health.  I was REALLY slack about it last year & a new research study ( suggests that it takes SIXTY SIX days of doing something before it becomes a habit !! SERIOUSLY ?!  I don't know if the ADDer is gonna accomplish this goal, but I'm sure gonna try !!

So, I did Zumba fitness 1 day for about 20 minutes.  Another day, I did about 5 minutes of Zumba fitness & 45 minutes of Dance Central with Nicole (and if you have never played Dance Central, it is a SERIOUS work out !! LOL).  So, today was my third day of exercise.  30 minutes on the Elliptical at the FREE gym in our neighborhood, which just happens to be conveniently located right across the street from our house !! SCORE !! Makes me MUCH more likely to keep up the good work !! GO ME !!
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