Wednesday, December 7, 2011

365 Days of Thankful (December 7, 2011 ~ December 7, 2012)

During the month of November, as I mentioned in my last blog post, I posted every day with one thing that I was thankful for.  I really obsessed over this project, as I do with most things, but I took it to heart as well.  I wanted to make sure that what I was posting was truly something genuine that I felt within myself & was truly, at that moment, grateful for.  I enjoyed the daily postings so much, and the warmth & positivity it brought to my day, and to others I hope, that I have continued this daily task into December.

Now, however, I have decided to make this my new project.  I will be posting on my blog daily what I am thankful for for 365 consecutive days.  Some days, I may simply post what I am thankful for.  Other days, I may post more.

So, here we go :

Day #1 of 365 Days of Thankful

Today I will be thankful when bedtime gets here. I had a long night last night & an even longer day today ...

Last night, I was watching the news, which I have taken up again this week (I do not typically watch the news ~ too sad & depressing). There was a story about a 3-year old little boy in the county I live in who was hit by a car at a Christmas parade & died. He would have been 4 next week.

I began bawling as they interviewed the parents & the mother talked about her final moments with her son. I just couldn't even begin to imagine the heartbreak of losing a precious child at all, much less a week from a birthday & so close to Christmas ... I thought of my own 3-year old, my other children & how they are my life.  I began to pray for the family as I cried.  I went & hugged my children, really hard, and then I tried to pull myself together, make dinner and go on with the evening, cleaning & such, until bedtime.

When bedtime came, I just couldn't stop thinking about that family.  I prayed for them again. I felt as if the weight of the world was on my shoulders.  I could almost feel their pain as if it were my own.  I tossed & turned until some time after 5 AM, and woke at 7:30 AM to get my 5-year old ready & off to school.

When I got back home from walking M to school, I had more cleaning to do as our housing office was coming to do an inspection of our home (which I didn't know military housing did, since we've only lived one other place) and I wasn't sure exactly what they were going to be looking for or at. My 3-year old was so good while I cleaned & I was reminded once again how very blessed I am.  And I prayed again, for the family & in thanks for all that I have.

SIDE NOTE : Because my house was so clean (per housing), all they did was check out fire extinguisher & made sure our smoke detectors worked.  They were in & out in less than 5 minutes.  All that work for less than 5 minutes ... LOL Story of my life ...

Now, however, at 8:43 PM, I feel so very drained, emotionally & physically.  I've had a migraine off & on since December 1st, and my crying jag yesterday & our crazy weather the past few weeks has done little to help.  So, I'm turning in early tonight.  I think this will be the first night in many, many months that I have gotten in bed before midnight, much less actually gone to sleep.

Please pray for this family as they find a way to deal with & get through such a horrible thing in their lives.

Good night, my friends & God Bless !!
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