Saturday, January 31, 2009

Latest update on my daddy...

The doctors are saying that the chance of my dad making it at this point are slim. His body is in shock from a blood infection, and his heart is now failing. The stomach doctor came in to talk to my sister, Heather, after an ultrasound, and he told her that at this point the only way he could find out what is wrong with his stomach (ie. the vomiting and bleeding) was to open him up and do exploratory surgery. However, he said he would not make it through the surgery. He also said that my dad would most likely NOT make it through dialysis for his kidney failure either. His other doctor told my sister that they were pumping him full of antibiotics, and that all they could do was hope they would get rid of the infection and/or keep another infection from setting in. My sister signed the release form to begin the dialysis, because without it, my dad will die anyway. So, that is all I know at this point. Siting here, waiting for news and hoping & praying that he at least holds on until I can get there, is killing me. I am trying to keep busy by packing, taking care of the kids, cleaning the house, doing my homework, etc. But it is always there in the back of my mind!

My flight leaves out of Denver tomorrow morning @ 7:10. I have a layover in ATL and then I arrive in RDU at 2:35 PM. Tim called American a little while ago to try to get me switched to a flight out today but they didn't have anything.

Continued prayers would be greatly appreciated! I am trying to have faith that no matter what happens it is God's will and if my dad leaves this Earth before I get there, then it was his time to go. But how do you cope with that? How do you comprehend it? How do you keep going?!

Anyway, I will update you all as soon as I know more!
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