Thursday, January 29, 2009

Update on my daddy....

I got a phone call from my mother this afternoon, asking me if I had heard from my sister, Heather. I told her no, I hadn't, and then she said...There's nothing to get upset about!

Okay, when someone starts out a conversation with, "There's nothing to get upset about!" then you automatically can assume that something upsetting is about to come out of their mouth! I wasn't disappointed!

My father had been throwing up since the weekend. He has been throwing up off and on for months. We all thought that perhaps he was having some kind of reaction to his meds. Well, my sister, Heather was worried because he told her he couldn't drink anything and she was worried about him getting dehydrated. So, she told him that she thought he should go to the hospital. Surprisingly, he agreed. He started talking out of his head, so she called my mom and had her listen to him talking. My mom told her that she needed to get him to the hospital immediately. So, Heather called 911 and the ambulance came and got him and took him to Wake Med ~ North, which is in Raleigh, North Carolina. They admitted him to the ER and gave him an IV for dehydration. I don't know all the details since I am not there, but this is what my sister, Robyn told me:

The doctors put a tube that goes to his stomach to suction the contents out. Unfortunately, it's blood that is being emptied. Which means he's bleeding from somewhere and they aren't sure where... but it's been bleeding for weeks. His blood pressure continues to drop, his liver and kidneys are not functioning correctly.
They're putting him in the ICU.

So, he is now in the ICU at Wake Med (different hospital near downtown because they think he has an ulcer and wanted him somewhere with better care). They continue to pump meds into him to get his BP up! It is stable, but still not where they want it. He has a tube in his let that is putting blood and clotting agents back into his body. He lost a large amount of blood, so the doctors are having to replace it. They also gave him some medication to make him sleep. He was cracking a few jokes before my sisters left, which made them feel a lot better because he sounded more like his old self and not some crazy person out of his mind...

For me...yes, I am relieved that for the moment he is okay. However, my worst fear imaginable came true today. It is gut-wrenching for me to be 1,700 miles away from my family and not be able to be there for my daddy, and to have to wait for bits & pieces of information and I am going out of my mind. It's not fair! This is just not fair! Tim's dad was okay, too, and Tim was on his way to see him & be with him, and then he was gone! That CANNOT happen to me! I am praying & asking God to please keep me strong and keep those kind of thoughts out of my head. I am still very sick with bronchitis and trying to take care of my babies by myself and I can't deal with much more!

So, please say a prayer and tell everyone you know to say a prayer! Pray that whatever is wrong with him can be fixed. I believe in the power of prayer! I need it just as much as my daddy does. I haven't felt this helpless in a long time, and it sucks & it hurts!

So, thank you for all the well wishes & prayers so far! They are each and every one greatly appreciated! I love you all & I will keep you updated. Hopefully, tomorrow I will know more!
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